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Asbyrgi can certainly be counted as one of nature's wonders. This wonder of nature is 3 1/2 km long canyon with up to 100 m high walls occupied by fulmars during the breeding season. Asbyrgi is the northernmost section of the National Park Jokulsargljufur.

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Glaciers of Iceland

Almost all types of glaciers are found in Iceland, ranging from the small cirque glaciers to extensive glacier caps reminding one of the inland ice of Greenland. The latter are drained by broad lobe-shaped outlets or by valley glaciers of the alpine type.

Glacier lagoon - Jokulsarlon

Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon (Icelandic: Jökulsárlón) is a breathtaking lagoon in South Iceland, only a thin strip of land separates it from the sea. On the inland side of an otherworldly iceberg-strewn lagoon are very large glaciers, seemingly streatching off and filling the horizon to every side. The most breathtaking sight is seeing the glaciers meet the lagoon where they break off into giant icebergs and fill the lake with bizarre shapes.

Gullfoss and Geysir(The Golden Circle, along with Thingvellir)

Geysir is Iceland' best known geyser area and includes the infamous geyser of geysers Geysir it self and his little brother Strokkur. Next stop is Gullfoss, a huge waterfall in a cliff-girded canyon, it's fall is about 32 meters. It plunges over rock ledges in a series of two cascades over 32 meters down into the deep.

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The only place in the world were you can easily see the tectonic plates move apart from each other You can stand on the American tectonic plate and look over at the European tectonic plate. This is the only place in the world where it is easy to see it above sea level. The Icelandic parliament was founded there in 930.


The natural beauty of the area is special and draws a stream of tourists in the summer, though it is not less beautiful in the winter. Popular tourist sites are the lava formations at Dimmuborgir, Mt. Hverfjall, Krafla, and the geothermal area east of Namaskardur.

The lake is drained by the Laxa, one of the best salmon fishing rivers in Iceland.

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Skaftafell covers an area of about 1,600 sq km which spreads over three valley glaciers of the glaciers Skeidararjokull, Morsarjokull and Skaftafellsjokull on the southern fringes of Vatnajokull, Europe's largest glacier ice-cap. Skaftafell is in the southern part of Iceland, not very far from the village of Höfn. It has a marvellous scenic beauty and contrasts. Green woodland, black mountains and white glacier.

When the sky is clear you'll be able to see Hvannadalshnjúkur, Iceland's highest peak, a little over 2100 m. You will definately not want to miss Skaftafell, which is one of the most famous places in Iceland.

South shore

When leaving Reykjavik you first will cross a mountain range to enter the wide plains of the south. In good weather you can see tens of miles to the mountains of the highlands, to the majestic glaciers Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull that cover two volcanoes.

Blue lagoon

One thing you must see. Lagoon with hot seawater that are in an magnificent surroundings. It also has a spa and a restaurant. A perfect place to spend the day.

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Thorsmork and Landmannalaugar

Thorsmork can’t bee described in words, it is something you have to experience your self. It is situated in the south of Iceland in between mountains. You have to take a jeep because of the rivers (and sometimes deadly rivers) that has to be crossed over.

Landmannnalaugar has hot springs were one can bathe, both at summer times and winter times, that is if it is accessible due to snow. Landmannalaugar lies in the center of Iceland. It has beautiful surrounding mountains maid out of rhyolite, so it looks like it is always sunshine there. Hiking possibilities are many - some even choose to walk from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk which takes about three days( about 50 km). This hiking path is called Laugarvegurinn (Hot spring road).


Has a little mystery, it is believed that the glacier has mystical power and it has drawn people all over the world to visit it ever since Jules Verne wrote “The Journey to the Centre of the Earth”. Snaefellsjokull is a national park.


Is the biggest town in northern Iceland. It is very beautiful there. It has a famous church and many old charming houses.


Is located in northeastern Iceland, is Iceland's biggest waterfall. It is also said to be the most powerful waterfall in Europe. The falls have a vertical drop of 44 m. Dettifoss is on the river Jökulsá á Fjöllum, the second longest river in Iceland.

Seljalandsfoss and Skógarfoss

If you like waterfalls this is something for you. Follow Road nr. 1 from Reykjavík to the south.

Before you arrive at Vík, you come to this beautiful waterfall, Seljalandsfoss, where you can see 130ft of glacial melt water dropping off the edge of the highlands to the plain below. For the adventure minded traveler there is a footpath that runs to a hollow behind the fall, where it is possible to huddle against the spray and look out through the water. It makes for some great photos.

Drive on, and half an hour later you reach Skógarfoss, another waterfall. It is perhaps Iceland’s most impressive waterfall, although by no means the biggest. It is 200ft high and about 30ft wide.

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